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How To Properly Hire An Orlando Auto Transport Company

6Hiring an appropriate and experienced Orlando auto transport company is the easiest thing in the world if you know what factors to take into consideration. Basically, the wide variety of services can make your whole venture a little overwhelming, but it is not hard at all to trim your selections to just three or four services. So what are the best methods to come up with a winning list?

Estimates are everything

Estimates are initially given on the phone. Practically, you will get a vague idea about what your whole move will cost. At the same time, some estimates are binding, while others are not. Companies may come up with different particularities, so it is up to you to figure out which option is better. Other than that, the estimates on phone are never accurate. You will be asked about the total number of bedrooms and perhaps the amounts of furniture too. A more professional service will choose to get to your place and inspect the home before giving out a precise number. Moreover, try to find out what the costs include. Sometimes, they may not include the gas prices, not to mention about the packing part. [Read more…]