Quality Moving Service from the Orlando Auto Transport

auto-transport-truck2Orlando is one of the most popular vacation destinations in Florida. Therefore, she attracts many people, including families to visit. If you consider relocating your family to the Orlando, it shall be stressful. The time and money you need to spend are huge.

Orlando Auto Transport is the expert to offer moving services in Orlando, which offers quality service such as the moving of pianos, apartments, and even estates.

Direct Shipping within Orlando

Our movers are professional and well trained who can efficiently move the items from your old home to the new one. During each moving, they will bring enough packaging boxes and blanket wrap to protect the items in your old home.

The drivers from us have much driving experience in Orlando. They understand the congested areas in Orlando and select the faster track to ensure the car arrive to your new home quickly. If you choose the moving companies which are not familiarized with the roads in Orlando, you might waste much time. The Orlando Auto Transport is pleased to direct ship all your items from old home to new home without delay.

Instant Quote

All the services provided from us are convenient to you. Traditional moving companies can only provide quotation when you call them. We are pleased to offer instant quote at our official website. When you would like to quote for moving services, you just input the necessary information in the website; we can then quote the attractive prices for you.

With your important information, our customer service will contact you immediately and discuss the details with you. Therefore, we can address all you need.

Liability Insurance 

In order to protect the damage cost during moving from us, all services from us are eligible for liability insurance. When you encounter any damage from us, the insurance can compensate the cost for you. In addition, the insurance can confirm also our high quality of service.

The Orlando Auto Transport is also good to lower the damage rates. With our professional services, we seldom damage the items moved by us.


With the high quality and most efficient services from us, we shall be the best option for moving services in Orlando. You are suggested to select the best partner like us to serve you and your loved family.